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Slag Dryer Burner Management and Control - A Rush Job!
After Hurricane Katrina, a customer needed to re-activate thair plant, which had been under about 5 feet of water and muck. They were unable to obtain a replacement burner panel in the necessary time-lines. SSI responded with a new burner managment system which was installed in the existing console after it was gutted. We integrated this into an existing PLC/HMI based system so the burner could be controlled both locally and from the remote central control room. We designed, built and shipped to the site in 5 weeks from date of order! To get it there we trucked it to the site and tested and installed with field electricians!

After Katrina

Programming and Integrating local HMI
Final Testing on Site

The New burner operator Interface
New Operator Interface for Slag Dryer

The New PLC Subpanel
Prefabricated Burner Management Subpanel

Plant Process Control System

Completed console and HMI
Central Control Console

We have provided complete process control systems. We designed and programmed the HMI in this photo.

Console Top Fab Photos
We design and fabricate custom consoles using our tops and standard steel bases. These are shipped as sub-sections with drawings, touch-up paint and you are ready to go!

Ready to ship

Surfaces ready to ship

Surfaces ready to ship