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We have some unusual hardware components available. These are used, but in good working condition!

Micon U32-R and GPLI Hardware
We have several racks, spare and operational 115AC/28VDC power supplies, and GPLI "General Purpose LAN Interfaces" and U-32R Controllers.
Make an Offer!

U32-R and GPLI

Micon Controllers and Parts
Micon P200 controllers, P100 controllers, S-32 controllers, baseplates, boards, SSRs, cabling, termination panels, etc.
Send email for details!

Micon P200s

Modicon 584 I/O

200 series Modicon I/O

Various Series 200 I/O cards. Send email for current selection.
Some Never Used!

Sun Sparcstations


A selection of Sparc5 and Ultrasparc workstations and components, retired from ASView DCS

For information, send us an email requesting specific details