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A partial list of clients and projects


Recent Representative Projects:
Process Control Upgrade Study
Raw Material Handling Upgrade and Analyzer Integration
Process Control System Commissioning - kiln and fuel systems
Control System Re-Engineering
Cement Terminal Upgrade
TXI Clinker Cooler Control Upgrade and 
       Transfer to new PLC
Blending System Optimization
HMI Training
PLC Training for Engineers
PLC Training for Maintenance Personnel
DCS Training
PID Training
Kiln Baghouse Addition
Central Control Room Upgrade
Central Control Console Design and Fab
Commissioning Automation System for Kiln
Commissioning Automation System for Finish Mill
Commissioning Automation System for Kiln
Commissioning Automation System Replacement
DCS Replacement
HMI Turnkey Installations
Mid Kiln Tire Systems
Clinker Cooler Control Systems
Loss in Weight Flow Control System
Indirect Firing Systems
Multi-Fuel Burner Control Systems
Plant Power Demand Systems
Kiln Baghouse Addition
Post Commissioning Control System Improvements
Post Commissioning Problem Resolution
Migration of Baghouse Controls to PLC and HMI
Slag Dryer Additions
Slag Dryer Burner Management System
PLC Integration
PLC Migration (AB PLC5 to ControlLogix)


Buzzi Unicem - Greencastle
Buzzi Unicem - Joliet
Buzzi Unicem - New Orleans
Buzzi Unicem USA - Oglesby
Buzzi Unicem USA - Pryor
Lehigh Portland Cement - Evansville
Lehigh Portland Cement - Mitchell
Lehigh Portland Cement - Mason City
Lehigh Portland Cement - Leeds
Lehigh White Cement - Waco
Mountain Cement
St. Marys Cement
TXI - New Braunfels
TXI - Midlothian
Legacy Clients:
Ash Grove Cement
Basic Inc.
Blue Circle Cement
Capitol Cement
Chemical Lime Co.
Commonwealth Edison
Florida Cement
Giant Cement Company
Giant Resource Recovery
Glens Falls Lehigh Cement
Keystone Cement
Lehigh White Cement Co.
Lone Star Industries
Medusa Cement
Micon Systems LLC
Occidental Chemicals
Powell Process Systems
Rouge Steel Company
Southwestern Portland Cement
Western Lime and Cement
Willis and Paul
Doyen and Associates
L.H.Niems and Associates
Micon Systems LLC